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Jenn & Joone Graphics

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Dear You,
Thank you for visiting our website. We know from experience that you visiting us means that you are curious at heart and that you love to be happy and joyful (even though you may not always feel this way). It is so nice to welcome you.
We are Jennifer van Balkom (Jenn) and Jacobien Vermande (Joone). We met while being part of the TEDxAmstelveen team as TEDx speaker coaches. Challenging circumstances in Joone’s personal life, Jenns professional adventures and a shared approach to the spiritual side of life made us connect both personally and professionally.
Our connection resulted in a co-creative label (Jenn & Joone Graphics) which is fueled by a highly spirited mix-‘n-match of our own super powers.

Jenn for instance has this awesome ability to channel with spirits and is a true wizard when it comes to managing energy and guiding and coaching people towards happiness.

Joone on the other hand has a magic ability to tune into systems and channel with her illustrations what wants to emerge and unfold. She possesses a rare creative artistic talent that allows her to capture the essence of pretty much anything in both word and visual.

Somewhere along the way we thought it would be cool to see what would happen if we would bundle our super powers. What started as a playful experiment (Jenn managing energy while Joone was drawing) soon resulted in a “Holy crap, we actually create awesome, magic shizzle together!”. Just there and then we knew we were to create things for the world to share.

You see, we are both passionate to make this world a more joyful and loving place, where you can express yourself freely and unconditionally. In our minds eye the most basic life’s necessity to create such a world is for everyone to feel safe and secure. For this will open up your heart to feel and experience joy, love and laughter. Which in turn makes it possible to feel and express yourself freely an unconditionally.

And that is where we fit in. Everything we create is intended to help you feel safe and secure in your own skin, to let you feel and experience joy, love and laughter and to strenghten your ability to express yourself freely and unconditionally. In all your guts and glory. From your left toe to your upper right ear and back. Mind, body and soul. Just the way you are you.
In all your splendour..

Love, Jenn & Joone

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Handmade premium carddecks
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Customer experience

“I am super happy with my new cards from Jenn & Joone! The beautiful illustrations invigorate the message in a spirital, almost magical way. This makes it even more special and meaningful to send them to people who are dear to me.”

Maike Hoek

Wat een prachtige set kaarten. De intuïtief ontworpen illustraties passen telkens weer perfect bij de intentie van de kaart en spreken enorm tot de verbeelding. Met en vanuit zachtheid vormgegeven stralen de kaarten een geweldige kracht uit. Deze kaartenset helpt je dan ook vanuit zachte kracht vooruit. Een absolute aanrader voor eenieder die graag met kaarten werkt en vanuit zachtheid en eenvoud vooruit wil.

Danielle van Rosmalen